About "My Orangery"

Dear visitors,

We are delighted that you visit the shop of "My Orangery". In this post you will find information about our policies and our shipment.

Dr. Dominik Große Holtforth

In the Orangery shop we present you wonderful citrus trees and other Mediterranean plants and accessories for your mediterranean garden. Important for our products and services is that plant and gardener match. "My Orangery" offers orangery plants that require a bit more care than native plants. The plants reward this with beautiful flowers, scents and fruit. The range of Mediterranean garden plants perfect for scenic designs and plantings is amazing and will inspire you to create your own mediterranean paradise.

Orangery plants are not winter hardy. If you have no facilities for overwintering the plants, we will advise you against a purchase of non-hardy plants, but can certainly suggest many wonderful alternatives. As an expert for orangeries and orangery plants Dr. Große Holtforth support also the preservation of historical orangeries, whose beauty we present on our site. Christoph Lindlar as Managing Director ensures that we can offer great plants and they will arrive safe and sound at your place. He is also the contact for corporate and business customers.

Our principles
1. We want to make our customers satisfied with beautiful plants.
2. We help our clients and other interested parties to create in your gardens, terraces and balconies a mediterranean paradise.
3. We help our customers to tend the plants optimally, so that they have a long time to enjoy it.
4. We take care of environmental requirements in the countries where the plants are produced.
5. We propose and sell plants as winter hardy if it is safe to plant them in a western or northern europe garden.
6. We advise and assist our customers in the overwintering of mediterranean plants so that the plants won’t loose none of their beauty during winter.
7. We respect the work of our nurseries and our service. Therefore, we do not engage in price-cutting and dumping. We pay fair prices to all service providers and suppliers, so they are able to earn their income and expenses.