Citrus Starter-Pack Lemon

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You receive a beautiful Lemon Tree Mezzo, along with 1kg of our "Plantas Zitruszauber" (Citrus-Fertilizer) and a very useful moisture meter.

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Citrus Starter-Pack Lemon

Our Citrus Starter Pack supplies you with everything, you need to care for your citrus plant. Along with the beautiful Lemon Tree Mezzo, you will get the great Fertilizer "Plantas Zitruszauber" which is especially composed for nurturing citrus plants and of course the indispensable moisture meter, which will show you exactly when to water your plant. Our comprehensive care instructions, which are also included will guide you on your way to the harvest of your first self grown lemon fruits (only available in german language for now)

Your Starter-Pack Lemon consists of:

  • 1 Lemon Tree Mezzo
    • Height: 80-90 cm
    • Pot: 20 cm (Diameter)
  • 1 Pot of "Plantas Zitruszauber" (1 kg of our finest Citrus-Fertilizer)
  • 1 Moisture Meter
  • 1 Comprehensive care instructions (in german)


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Delivery Time 2-5 Tage

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