Red Lemon "Mezzo"

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The Red Lemon is a very special variation of the lemon. This beautiful little tree with its fragrant, red mottled fruits comes as usual with our comprehensive care instructions. 

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Red Lemon "Mezzo" (Limone Rosso)

The fruits of this rare and old kind of lemon plant, sometimes called “Mulled Wine Lemon” or botanical “Citrus Limonimedica Pigmentata” are a real eyecatcher. They are slightly larger than the conventional lemon fruits and packed with vitamins.

Both the size and the thick peel, which acquires its reddish color on maturation are due to the relationship with the Citron (Citrus medica). A tree for true connoisseurs! Don’t be fooled by the nickname "Mulled Wine Lemon", the Red Lemon is not a plant for the winter, but for your summer terrace.

 Height:  70-80 cm,

Pot diameter: 20 cm


Ideal location:

Lemon trees, including the red lemons need a sunny but somewhat sheltered location. In autumn and spring, when the plant will be brought to or taken from its winter quarters, abrupt climatic changes should be avoided. The winter quarters should be frost-free, but cool and light. Temperatures should be at 5°C to 10°C.


Plant pot and soil:


The plant is ideally set in a terracotta or clay pot with drainage holes. The thick walls of clay pots protect plant roots from rapid changes in temperature, while at the same time don’t keep the surplus water and salts inside because of a certain ventilation of the root area through the pores. They also weigh a lot, which keep them from blowing over as easily as some plastic pots. The pot should be set up on clay pot feet to support the aeration and permeability of the substrate. These pot feet –lovingly called “Piedini” by the Italians - you can also buy here at "My Orangerie". To sustain a strong growth of the plant, repotting into a pot of the next larger size is very helpful, as soon as the soil of the old pot is completely rooted. For planting, the soil should be of a permeable mixture in addition to good garden soil or humus and contain about 1/3 of sand and/or gravel. Or you use our special citrus soil “La Terra”, available in our shop.


Fertilizing and watering:


The plant should be watered only as needed when the top 10 - 20 % of the earth is dry. Contrary to many beliefs, irrigation water can and should be calcareous, otherwise the calcium requirement of the plant is not covered. Throughout the months of May until August, we recommend adding our citrus fertilizer “Plantas Zitruszauber” once a week or at least every two weeks. The nutrient requirements of the plant will be well covered that way. Overall, a moderate watering is advisable, along with the precautions to keep a functioning drainage at all times. Watch out for curled up leaves: These indicate an urgent need for water.


Wintering your plants:


It is essential to keep your plants in a frost-free environment. A sufficiently light and cool place at temperatures of 10°C (+/- 5°C) is ideal. Here you can find further information on how to winter your plant. Of course, you can also let us do the work and order our Wintering-Service at our shop. The plant will then be placed in cool and bright greenhouses, so the plants have optimal conditions.


Do you want to learn more about the wonderful world of Mediterranean plants? Then take a look around in our gallery. You will find plenty of beautiful photographs of Mediterranean gardens and plants.


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