Orange Tree "Mezzo"

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You get a pretty orange trees ( height: 80 cm ) with fruit or flowers that adorns your patio or balcony.

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The orange tree "Mezzo" has a naturally thick and dark green foliage that provides a high contrast spectacle to his bright orange red fruits in your garden or on your patio. The white fragrant flowers of this plant will give your garden beyond a romantic Mediterranean flair and make your dream come true Mediterranean.

(Bot: Citrus sinensis)

orangenernte2In our gallery and our blog you will find even more impressive crouching images, a number of interesting posts and of course delicious recipes in this magnificent crop and its delicious lemons.


Size: about 80 cm

Pot: 22 cm diameter

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The perfect location for your orange tree "Mezzo"

The orange tree "Mezzo" feels most comfortable to sun-filled, airy and sheltered places, such as your balcony, your terrace or garden. With the movement of a container plant you should avoid abrupt climatic changes. This is especially true for the transition from winter to the terrace time. If in April and May, threatening severe frost, the plant on terrace and balcony by a fleece or similar should be protected.

The pot in which your orange tree "Mezzo"

The plant is planted at the top in a (sound) pot hole. The clay pot offers a very high stability even advantages in buffering of high water and salt contents. In addition, there will be a minimal aeration of the root area through the pores. The pot should be placed on a feet that support the aeration and permeability of the substrate (s. Care). For a good growth of the plant regular repotting into a pot next larger size is very helpful. For the earth a permeable mixture should be prepared which contains about 1/3 sand and / or granulate along with good garden soil or humus. Or you can use as a pre mix Intensive Growing Medium.
Taking Care of Your Orange Tree "Mezzo"

The plant should be watered only as needed when the top 10 - 20% of the earth is dry. Contrary to many counselors can, indeed the irrigation water must be calcareous, otherwise the calcium requirement of the plant is not covered. Together with Plantas citrus magic of the nutrient requirements of the plant is well covered. Overall, a moderate watering should be done. Take care of yourself einrollende sheets: These indicate an urgent need for moisture.

In the main growing season (May to August) the watering should be one to two weeks a complete fertilizer, ideally a citrus fertilizer as Plantas citrus magic, are added.
The ideal wintering place for your orange tree "Mezzo"

The ideal place for wintering your plant should be cool and bright at temperatures around 10 ° C (+/- 5 ° C) in a greenhouse (cold house), a conservatory or an unheated, bright room in the house.

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