Meyer lemon "Mezzo"

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The Meyer lemon is a popular hybrid between lemon and orange tree. You get a medium sized Meyer lemon tree with a height of ca. 70 cm.

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Meyer lemon Mezzo

The Meyer lemon is a very popular and especially in the US widely familiar citrus plant. Citrus Limon Meyeri is a natural cross between lemon and orange. The juicy fruits have significantly less acid than the "pure" lemons and also nearly round. The plant grows compact and less expansive than the real lemon, making it ideal for small balconies or terraces.

Do you enjoy our citrus offer? In our gallery and our blog you will find even more impressive crouching images, a number of interesting posts and of course delicious recipes in this magnificent crop and its delicious lemons.

Size: about 70 cm
Pot: 22 cm diameter


The ideal care for your Meyer lemon "Mezzo"

Space and protection:

The ideal place for all citrus plants is mainly sunny. As with all potted plants protection should be against wind gusts that could upset the plant. Please also avoid abrupt temperature changes. This is especially true for the transition from winter to the terrace in the spring time. If in April and May, threatening severe frosts, you can use the plants on the terrace and balcony with a fleece or similar . protect
Planter and earth:

The plant is planted at the top in a terracotta or clay pot with drainage holes. The clay pot offers a better state also benefits in the buffering of high water and salt contents. In addition, there will be a certain ventilation of the root area through the pores. The pot should be set to feet that support the aeration and permeability of the substrate. This pot feet – called lovingly Piedini from the Italians - you can also buy in "My Orangery". For a good growth of the plant repotting into a pot next larger size is very helpful when the soil of the old pot is completely rooted. For the planting soil a permeable mixture should be prepared which contains about 1/3 sand and / or granules results in good garden soil or humus. Or you can use as a pre mix Intensive Growing Medium.
Fertilizing and Watering:

The plant should be watered only as needed when the top 10 - 20% of the earth is dry. Contrary to many counselors can, indeed the irrigation water must be calcareous, otherwise the calcium requirement of the plant is not covered. Together with Plantas Zitruszauber the nutrient requirements of the plant is well covered. Overall, a moderate watering should occur, which is supported by a lower shell, on which the pot is placed. Take care of curling up sheets: These indicate an urgent need for moisture.

For the overwintering a frost-free, ample light and cool place at temperatures of 10 ° C (+/- 5 ° C) is essential.
Do you want to learn more about the wonderful Mediterranean plants? Then you look around once in our gallery. There you will find beautiful photographs of Mediterranean gardens and plants.

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