Citron "Mezzo"

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The Citron (Bot. Citrus medica) is famous for its extra large fruit. You will receive a citrus tree (height 80 cm) as refined half trunk and the 12-page citrus care brochure of my orangery.

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The Citron "Mezzo"

The Citron, we offer you as an 80 cm tall tree in the size "mezzo", inspires you mainly because of its thick fruits and beautiful flowers, which are initially purple and later elegant white like the lemon. The Citrons are considered the oldest citrus varieties and thus also the precursor of many other varieties. The thick fruits develop to the relatively small growing tree, so that the Zedratzitrone is well suited for smaller balconies and terraces. The thick fruits were previously processed to candied, today you should especially enjoy their aroma and fragrance, which is finally an original perfume raw material. The size of the fruit requires a longer ripening period.

Zedratzitrone Frucht





Height: ca. 70 bis 80 cm

Pot: ca. 20 cm Durchmesser

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The right location for your Citron:

Citrons need a sunny and sheltered location. In autumn and spring, when the plant will be cleared to or from the winter quarters, abrupt climatic changes should be avoided. The winter location has to be frost-free, light and cool temperature at 5 ° C to 10 ° C.

The right pot:

The plant is ideally planted in a pot that has a drain hole. The pot should be placed on pot feet (Piedini) that favor the aeration and permeability of potting soil. For a prosperous growth of citron regular repotting into a pot next larger size is very helpful, but that does not take place annually. For the earth a permeable mixture should be prepared which contains about 1/3 sand and / or granulate along with good soil or humus.

The ideal care:

The Citron should be watered only as needed when the top ten - twenty percent of the earth are dry. The exact moisture requirements displays the moisture meter of My Orangerie. Contrary to many counselors can, indeed the irrigation water should be calcareous, otherwise the calcium requirements of the lemon is not covered. Together with Plantas Zitruszauber of the nutrient requirements of the plant is well covered with tap water. Overall, watering should be moderate. Take care of yourself einrollende sheets: These indicate an urgent need for moisture.

Properly fertilize:

From May to August in the main growing season in the watering should be one to two weeks a complete fertilizer, ideally a Zitrusdüner as Plantas citrus magic, added werden.Im winter quarters should every one to two months will be fertilized. 


Hibernation takes place at cool and bright at temperatures of about 5 ° C. Ideal conditions offer in the greenhouse (cold house), in the conservatory or in a light and an unheated room in the house.

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